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Supportive Counseling

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Supportive Counseling

Supportive counseling provides compassionate support when you’re struggling with anxiety, low confidence, depression, or other challenges in life. At A Woman’s Wellspring, empathetic and highly experienced specialist Stephanie Taylor, MD, PhD, tailors supportive counseling to every woman’s unique needs. Call the Carmel, California, office or click the online scheduling feature for support now.

Supportive Counseling Q & A

What is supportive counseling?

Supportive counseling refers to mental health counseling that provides emotional support and helps build you up when you’re struggling. At A Woman’s Wellspring, Dr. Taylor also has a doctoral degree in psychology and provides supportive counseling as part of her whole-woman health care approach. 

What types of problems does supportive counseling address? 

Supportive counseling provides help with many different issues that you might encounter throughout your life, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Difficulty adapting to life transitions, like menopause
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Grief

No matter what mental health challenges you’re dealing with, supportive counseling provides nonjudgmental care that’s focused on your personal needs.  

What happens during supportive counseling?

Supportive counseling is different for every woman, and this individualized care is one reason that it’s so successful. In general, some of the aspects of supportive counseling include:

  • Listening to your feelings without judgment
  • Validating your right to feel the way you do
  • Sympathizing with your feelings and viewpoint
  • Encouraging you 
  • Helping you recognize the good things about yourself
  • Helping build your self-confidence
  • Educating you about your particular mental health challenge
  • Helping you stop negative thinking and build positive thinking
  • Developing specific methods of problem-solving

Dr. Taylor builds a true rapport with you, which helps you feel safe, respected, and free to share your feelings and needs.  

How does the medical cooperative lead to better supportive counseling?

Through annual membership fees, Dr. Taylor is able to keep her patient roster limited. This allows her to spend as much time as needed with every patient, from supportive counseling to personalized women’s health care and general primary care. 

In addition, the medical cooperative plan allows her to create educational outreach for her patients, like the Mini-Medical school and newsletter. 

So, with this approach, you can see Dr. Taylor for help with your challenges, rather than an impersonal provider you don’t even know. Because the medicinal cooperative allows you to spend plenty of time discussing your issues and developing solutions, you can get better results and feel more confident about your care. 

Looking for counseling that actually feels supportive? Call A Woman’s Wellspring or book your appointment online now.