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Nutrition And Cancer Prevention

Nutrition And Cancer Prevention

Mini-Medical School #3 Nutrition and Cancer

Stephanie Taylor MD PhD

August 2, 2014

“Eat as if your life mattered”-Rachel Naomi Remen MD

A definition of Cancer: A cell becomes a cancer when it shows unregulated cell growth and the ability to colonize other tissues.

Thinking about the causes of Cancer: Cancer risk increases in several general situations: inadequate nutrition, over nutrition, lack of activity and rust (oxidation).

Inadequate Nutrition: Nutrition is more than protein, carbs and fats. Vast numbers of compounds in plants prevent cancer. Your best insurance is to eat a predominantly plant based diet. Eat organic foods. They have to fend for themselves and have more phytonutrients. Pasture raised beef, dairy cows, chicken/eggs and wild fish have a more beneficial fatty acid profile.

Over Nutrition: Generally, obesity increases cancer risk. Increased adult height is also a risk factor for cancer, and this is probably related to pre-natal over nutrition.

Lack of Activity: Regular exercise is highly protective against cancer.

Rust: The cellular changes that predispose to cancer increase in frequency where there is DNA damage. This can be from radiation or an “unhealthy” environment.

Breast Cancer Lactation, Exercise decreases risk Alcohol, tallness, large birth weight, obesity increase risk
Colon Cancer Fiber, Exercise decrease risk Red Meat, Processed Meat, Tallness and obesity increase risk
Endometrial Cancer Coffee, Exercise decrease risk Obesity, glycemic load increase risk
Ovarian Cancer Maybe lactation decreases risk Tallness, Obesity increase risk
Pancreatic Cancer Childhood growth, Obesity increases risk

Reference: American Institute for Cancer Research, www.aicr.org

Genetics and Cancer: There is abundant evidence that a plant based diet will influence gene expression. Genes are not destiny. They are guides to a healthier lifestyle.

Reference: The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffery Bland. Published by Harper, 2014.

Reference: The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson, 2009.