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Mothers Day Special Gift

Mothers Day Special Gift

Mother’s Day is May 8th, and as you would expect that is a major holiday in our office! I would like to share with you a special opportunity for gift giving this year. Heifer International is a charity that empowers men and women around the world by giving them a cow, goat, rabbit or chickens and training them to care for the animals. Part of the agreement with Heifer is that the offspring are given to local neighbors. They call this “carrying the gift forward”. Heifer is one of the most successful and effective charities in the world. Heifer is sponsoring a special event for Mother’s Day called Women in Livestock Development or WiLD Women. WiLD projects are 100% women. You can recognize as special mother in your life by making a gift in her honor.

“A WiLD gift is a testament to the character of the woman to whom you are presenting the gift. She is strong, independent and fearless.”

You can click on this link or go to www.heifer.org and navigate to the WiLD page for more information.