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Mini-Medical School #2 April 2020-Home Remedies

Mini-Medical School #2 April 2020-Home Remedies

Mini-Medical School #2 2020

by Stephanie Taylor MD PhD and Brian Ellinoy PharmD

Our recent Mini-Medical School on Home Remedies was our first as an online meeting. It is available here as an audio file. Dr. Taylor discussed natural approaches to enhance immunity, and Brian Ellinoy, PharmD gave an excellent talk on cannabis. Click on the link below to hear the 40 minute podcast:


Please excuse any technical limitations in the recording. I am sure we will improve with more experience!

What to Do When Sheltering at Home

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list, and highly reflects my biases, but here are some ideas for activities. (Of course, I am not endorsing any of the listed services, they are examples. Always exercise appropriate caution)

Make or Do Something:

Make a face mask– The New York Times created printable instructions for making a mask https://int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/6860-printable-face-mask-tutorial/ded6e67bb78f2599a7ff/optimized/full.pdf#page=1

Knit, crochet-our local supplier, Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove has instituted an online service in addition to a video consultation, in case you are not sure what you would like to create: https://www.monarchknitting.com/

Make Music:

Dust off that instrument in the closet and try some on-line lessons. The performing community is taking a serious economic hit but is resourcefully using the internet to connect. Google around to find on-line lessons and concerts.

Clean Something

This is a great time to Marie Kondo a closet. Here is her website” https://konmari.com/

and she also has a Netflix series.

Learn something

Since Tai Chi practice improves many health measures, including immunity, you can take on-line classes at https://taichiforhealthinstitute.org/

The Great Courses have a few courses for free and several that are heavily discounted. They can be reached at: https://www.thegreatcourses.com/. They also sell classes on Audible.

Learn a foreign language. Duolingo is a very well designed, fun program that teaches 32 languages for English speakers and has over 300 million users. It has a free and paid premium version. They have been instrumental in the revival of endangered languages. Check out the Duolingo bird at: https://www.duolingo.com/

Snooping with Genealogy research

If you never had time before, now you do. This may be the ideal time to reminisce with relatives and find out exactly what heroic things our ancestors did that only the older members of our family can remember. Our local community is placing more information on-line. Here is a link to their WordPress announcement:


Keep up with your routine

Folks who keep regular habits tend to have better health. Keeping in touch with your support system is essential, which is why Governor Newsom has made every effort to make telehealth visits with your physician more available. We have two platforms available, Klara and doxy.me (“doc see me”). Call the office and leave a message to make an appointment.

What did we learn?

The Mini-Medical School of 2019 on Stress Management was very well attended with a very engaged group of people. We learned that we need to acquire the skill of resilience in the face of uncertainty and danger.

References on Resilience were shared in the Stress Management Mini-Med, and are posted on the website: https://womanswellspring.com/2019/06/mini-med-3-2019/

We also learned that we need to support our local food suppliers and keep manufacturing capacity local. Check the regulations of the largest farmers market at:


This spring is unusually beautiful and reminds us of the grace and power of the natural world. The National Trust for Scotland posted cameos of the flowers blooming in the Trust properties. You can take a virtual walk in their gardens at:


When I was growing up, we were constantly reminded to “learn to do for yourself”. This is a bit of folksy wisdom that would be laughable, except that possessing the skills to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community makes you feel capable and free of anxiety. Note that I did not say you would not be afraid, tired and worried. Those are appropriate responses to wildfire and pandemic. You simply must gather your talents and deal with it.

The pandemic also reveals weaknesses in our current systems, that we should thoughtfully address when we have the resources. We don’t need to be taught this lesson more than once. Stay home, stay safe and make the most of the moment.