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Do you Didgeridoo?

Do you Didgeridoo?

An important part of sustaining community is the opportunity to gather in groups and do something fun. It seems to be innately human to sing and make music, but many of us were discouraged as young children because we did not appear to have the right talent. As adults with very little free time, we need to find an outlet that involves a minimal investment of time and money. Playing drums comes naturally to all of us who were once kids banging on our mother’s pots and pans. For many years, Womanswellspring sustained a womans drumming group.

I have recently found another instrument that is as much fun as drumming. The didgeridoo is an Australian wind instrument. On first glance, it appears to be intimidating to play, but actually is relatively easy. It does not require extensive musical training. It is also a great breathing exercise. I bet you were wondering how I would get the medical angle into this post!

I plan to offer a beginners didgeridoo workshop for men and women in 2011. I would appreciate any expressions of interest by return e-mail. You can use the DrTaylor email link on this website.

If you would like to explore the didgeridoo, one of my favorite websites is LAOutback. I have placed a link on the “Community Links” page. Have a great time exploring the didge and let me know if you would like to join us for a workshop.